Monday, October 24, 2005

Pretty Princess

What a great day yesterday was. Three packages arrived for me and inside they were all birthday presents! How exciting (new favourite phrase!!) Also a card in the letterbox from Tante Gisele...thank you all very much!!! Memere and Pepere sent me a beautiful princess dress and shoes. I love it and I put it on straight away and then never wanted to take it off!!! I am going to wear it to my "fairy party" on Saturday...I might just add my wings and then I will be a "princess fairy"!!! Oh yeah, Iv'e changed my mind (because I can) I now am getting Mummy to make me a "princess cake"...not a caterpillar cake. Ok, so here are some photos of me being Princess Sophie and incase you have forgotten.....4 more sleeps......yippeee then I will be 3!!!!
Love Sophie
PS: Thank you Matante Ginette, Mononcle John and Cosin Justin for my special outfit. I think I will look very "cute". Justin I loved the drawings you made, I put them on the fridge next to my drawings!! xx


Sarah said...

Sophie you look very pretty in your princess dress. Love Mummy xx

Janey said...

WOW Sophie,
what a beautiful princess you are!

See you soon Birthday Girl!

Love Aunty Jane xxxxxxxxxxx

ps My blogger name is Pony Girl