Friday, October 14, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

I don't know why, but Mummy seems to think this photo needed to be the focus of my journal today. Grandpa took this photo when I was having my nap at Nanny and Grandpa's house on Thursday while Mummy was at work. Nanny told Mummy I was very tired (borderline grumpy......I've no idea what she is talking about!!!) we had been at the beach park playing and been to have a picnic with Aunty Emily and wonder I was so tired! On the way back to the house I wanted to pick some flowers and insisted I take them with me to have my nap...then I fell asleep clutching them. I mean wha't the big deal. I am sure people fall asleep holding flowers all the time. One time I fell asleep holding a lolly pop in my hand and when I woke up I carried on eating it as if I hadn't been asleep at all.
Today is a beautiful day. I love to say that. When we leave the house in the morning I always say to Mummy, "What a beautiful day", sometimes it is cloudy and Mummy has to say, "it's not as beautiful as it could be!!!" Mummy and I are working in the garden today. Well, she is working. I am riding my bike around her and then playing soccer and then playing with Sasha.......weeding is not really my thing!!!
Love Sophie xxx

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