Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Busy Girl!

Time sure flies when you are having fun, that's for sure!!!! Last Tuesday we had a little party at our house for all the kids in our playgroup as we all have our birthdays within weeks of each other. It was great fun and my gift was some playdough. I like making things with playdough although so far I am only good at making balls and sausages as they are easy. I can also make a snowman (because thats just balls on top of each other!!!) although, I'm not sure about that as I have not actually ever seen a snowman....I've just been taking Mummy and Daddy's word for it that is what they look like!!!! Anyway, we had lots and lots of balloons and a birthday cake with 3 candles and lots of fun playing with my friends. All the Mummy's said we were all very good little kids as there was no crying and no fights and that I shared my toys very nicely. We just looked at our Mummy's as if to say....Hello, what do you expect...we are big 3 year olds now .....(except me, because I still have 2 and a half weeks to wait...although, I have always been very mature for my age!!!
On the weekend Daddy had to work so I had to play with Mummy. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing with Mummy.....just not ALL the time. I mean Mummy sometimes disappears to clean and wash and vaccuum and fold clothes unlike Daddy he is just the "playing machine".....and he is happy to do whatever I want to do and he is just so so very funny!!!
On Sunday though, I go to church with Nanny and Grandpa and then we go to visit Lally after church. I like to sing in church (but not as loud as Grandpa...he sings very loudly!!!) I like going to church and Nanny says I am always a good girl and lots of people always come to say hello to me and tell Nanny and Grandpa I am very cute. What does cute mean anyway!!
Anyway, Daddy is going on the plane tomorrow to work and he is going to be gone for 6 whole big sleeps. Poor daddy he is going to really really really miss me and me him. He is going to come home the day before his birthday...then after his birthday it is someone elses......I bet you can't guess who I talking about!!!!!!!!
Love Sophie

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