Friday, October 21, 2005

The Purple Man

Thought I should share with you all my current obsession (now that is a big word!). I call him the purple man and he lives near our house and we drive past him in the car sometimes. He usually dances and waves to me BUT, one day we went past and he was hanging off the building and I couldn't stop the tears from falling, "What''s happened to my purple man" I cried over and over and over again. Mummy said he must off fallen off the building (talk about breaking it to me gently!!!) I was in utter devastation (another big word!) I cried and cried rivers of tears (OK, so a bit dramatic now!) Mummy kept saying please be quite Sophie so I can concentrate on driving!!! Anyway, the next day again we went past and not only was he not hanging off the side of the building...he was gone completely. Everytime we ever go anywhere in the car I always say..."Can we see the purple man today" and because he is so close to our house Mummy I think offten drives past him for me even when we fdon't really need to go past him. Anyway, a few days ago we drove past and all of a sudden Mummy says, "Guess what"..I see the purple man is back!!!!! WOW, I got so excited we drove extra slow and there he was waving and dancing at me. I was so happy I told everyone. Then the other day Mummy and Sasha and I went for a big walk to a different park and we walked past him and Mummy took a photo of him so I could show you all my friend..."The Purple Man"!!
Love Sophie

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