Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Big Smoke!

I have had such a busy weekend! On Saturday my friend Angus(aged 4) and his little sister Molly (aged 20 months) came to my house for a sleep over. Mummy took us all including Sasha to the park...she sure had her hands full. Molly sat in the pram, I say on the top of it and Angus walked and Sasha ran and Mummy huffed and puffed!!!! We played for a long time and Angus was pretending he was Spiderman which made me laugh because I think he actually really does believe he is Spiderman!!!! After the park we walked home again and Angus was too tired to walk but there was just no room for him as well on the pram.
We had a special dinner...chicken nuggets and chips (fries for all you canadians) and then little buckets with ice cream...yum, yum! Then we had a bubble bath and managed to cover almost the whole floor with water from all our splashing!!! Then we watched the movie "Madagasgar"and played some more before we had to go to bed. It was great fun!!

Then yesterday after Angus and Molly went home, Mummy and I caught the train into the city...(The big smoke!!) This was only my second time on the train and the last time I was only 1 year old and it is hard to remember stuff when you were only 1!!! I sat next to Mummy and stared at all the people getting on or off and then I broke into song and sang my very best performance of "Baa Baa black sheep"...when I realised I had a captive audience I continued on with "ABCD... etc" I even got a couple of claps. When it was time to get off the train I sat in the pram and enjoyed watching everything going on. We saw some funny people dancing and singing in the street and a man made balloons into different things...he made me a little puppy dog! We went to a lot of shops because Mummy said we were looking for a present for daddy's birthday! My favourite part of all the shopping was when we saw all the Christmas trees and train sets. WOW!!! I have a feeling I am going to LOVE Christmas. I sort of remembered a bit of it from last year but I am getting very excited for it this year. I love all the lights on the trees. I even asked Mummy if maybe I could get a Christmas tree for my birthday as well as a dolls house!! Mummy said, NO! Not even a "maybe" or "if you are a good girl" which is what she usually says!!!
After all the shopping we found something for Daddy...but I'm not allowed to tell you what it is because it is a secret!!! The best part of all.....I got an ice cream cone and we sat on the steps in the sunshine and watched all the seagulls. After my ice cream I was allowed to chase the sea gulls which I did for a little while until I chased them all away and no more birds came.
We then walked over to a different part of the city to the Art Gallery because Aunty Jane and Nanny and Grandpa were going to be there. I got very excited when Mummy said it was an "Art Gallery". I thought I would be able to do some of my art, maybe some painting or drawing....but, it was nothing like that at all, only lots of grown ups looking at pictures on the walls. By this stage I started to get very tired, so it was back on the train home and then I was so tired I went to bed at 6.30pm, I took my puppy like balloon to bed with me and woke up in the middle of the night and yelled out to Mummy because I couldn't find Mummy came in to find it then I went back to sleep.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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