Sunday, October 30, 2005

Goodbye 2......HELLOOOOOO 3!!!!!!!!

Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to update you on my fantastic birthday party but I have needed some time to recover.....and play with my many new gifts!!! I had such a great time at my party. I just love the idea of whenever anyone arrived they hand me a nice big shiny great. I was very careful to say thank you to them...well, for the firts couple of times...after that is all just got way too exciting!!!! It was a dress up party and I was the pretty fairy princess.

Who Came:
Will (spiderman), Lenny (batman), Oliver, Angus(spiderman), Ben, Harry, Maddie (pretty fairy), Jordan (pink fairy), Jayde (pretty girl), Molly (white fairy), Jack (superman), Alice (baby fairy) Olivia (beautiful fairy), Lara, Natalie, and lots of grown ups!!!

Lovely presents:
Dolls house, playdough and painting set, barbie doll, tinkerbell doll and back pack, jewellry box, barbie bag, pink bathers and shorts, 3 new tops, new skirt, new pink shorts, 4 x books, new baby and baby clothes and baby bottle, baby pram, new "bratz" plate and bowl set, magna doodle, keyboard and microphone (I sing on it all day) bangles, rings and necklaces, fairy dominoes, snakes and ladder, I got very spoilt!!

Party food:
Fairy bread, pink cup cakes, chocolate cup cakes, green faced biscuits, vegemite and cheese sandwiches, party pies, mini sausage rolls, potato smily faces, mini quiche, mini hot dogs, sausage and cheese pinwheels, cheezels, watermelon and strawberries........then the best "princess birthday cake ever"!!!!! Yum Yum

We all played a game called "pass the parcel"..when the music stops whoever has the parcel unwraps the paper and there is a special treat inside and then at the end and even better special treat. It was good fun. Then we played with the ball on the lawn and drew pictures on the bricks with chalk and rode bikes and guess what.......there was no crying and all my friends played nicely and I didn't mind sharing any of my things......(except my new baby, I didn't like anyone running off with her!!!!) Before everyone left I handed out "special lolly bags" and there was one for me too....yay!

When everybody left about 1.30pm, I had to have a sleep because Princess's need their beauty sleep and I was very very tired. I slept for 2 hours and then woke up and had fun playing with all my new things. It was the best party ever!!!

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