Friday, June 27, 2003

Yesterday we stayed home all day long because Mummy didn't feel very well, so I made sure I was an extra good girl for her!!!! Also, it rained and rained all day long and sometimes it was really, really windy and I wasn't sure what was making all the noises but Mummy said it was because the wind was banging everything, especially the garden shed door, it went bang, bang, bang all day long because the wind had broken it. Mummy said, it felt just like her head, bang, bang, bang all day long!!!! The highlight of our day was walking out to the letterbox to check the mail. We do this everyday and now I start bending to see the letters before we even get close to the letterbox. Mummy said I am very funny!!! Sometimes Mummy lets me try to grab the letters, but not today she said because we had to be quick incase it rained on us and so we couldn't spare the 15 minutes it normally takes me!!!!!!
Today Mummy says she is a little bit better but just in case I am going to try to be good again ALL day long. Mummy is trying to see if I am getting a cold as well because everytime Mummy coughs, I cough as well. It's a new game I have thought of called "Copy Mummy". I think it's really fun but sometimes I think Mummy is pretending to cough to see if I will copy her.......and I always do and then she laughs, ha ha ha!!! Tomorrow Daddy will be home and I am going to Angus's 2nd birthday party. Daddy is going to meet us there and it's going to be great fun.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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