Saturday, June 28, 2003

Yesterday Mummy took me to a place called "Go Banana's", it was kind of like the Fun Station that I went to not long ago. My friend Will was there and I had great fun watching all the other kids running around and playing and I crawled around a lot and played in the coloured ball pit again. After that we we went to Mummy's work friend Katy's house for afternoon tea........I had milk though, no tea for me!!!! Katy's house was great because she had lot's of things I'm not supposed to play with, like stereo's and cd's and remote controls. Only problem was, everytime I got even close to all of that stuff I was quickly whisked away and placed in front of my own toys......How boring!!!! Anyway, I was a good girl and all Mummy's colleagues said I was very cute and funny. When we got home, Aunty Jane had come over to stay and she gave me my bath and put me to bed so Mummy could have a rest. I showed her all my tricks in the bath and how clever I am at standing up and how loud I can bang my plastic boats on the side of the bath and how often I can throw them overboard so she has to bend down to pick them up and put them back in the bath. I like to do this at least 50 times. After that I went to bed but first of all had a little chat with all of my toys who sit on the shelf above my bed and then that is all I remmeber of yesterday. Today Daddy is going to meet us at Angus's party, I am very excited.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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