Friday, June 20, 2003

Yesterday morning when I woke up from my nap Mummy put the telephone to my ear and I listened to my Memere's voice. She has a very nice voice and she made me smile. I was missing my Daddy as well and I wanted Mummy to play with me a lot today. My friend Will, Jayde, Ben and Ella came over in the afternoon to play with me but then I tried to climb on to the stereo speaker and I fell over and bumped my head and I cried and cried and cried as it really hurt. After that I didint want to play anymore and I just wanted to sit with Mummy until I felt better. Today I am staying with Nan and Grandpa for a little while and I like to listen to their music. Mummy said their music is very good for baby's brains to develop as it is called "Classical" and not like Daddy's music which Mummy said is just "loud"!!!!! I also like to listen to my French Lullabyes CD and sometimes it makes me sleepy.
Bye for now,
Love Sophie

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