Thursday, June 05, 2003

Mummy said I was a very good girl yesterday even though I woke her up 4 times in the night and wouldn't sleep past 6 am. I told her, you can't be good all the time!!!!! Anyway, I made up for it and slept for 1 and half hours in the morning and 2 and a half hours in the afternoon!!!! When I woke up Mummy had made me a "gourmet" lunch. I ate a little bit of salmon and lots of avocado and banana mushed together. I love avocado so much, I even ate more of it for dinner. In one whole day I ate almost half of one. I like it because I can eat it with my fingers and I can wipe it all over the tray of my highchair and then smear it all over my face, it just feels so nice.
Last night Cam and Caz and Angus came over to play and I had just had my bath. I had fun crawling around after Angus. He is a big boy as he can walk but he kept crawling and copying me and then just when I thought I couldn't possibly be having any more fun.........Daddy came home and I was so excited I started banging my hands on my legs really fast and laughing so much except he smelt a bit funny. Mummy said it was "diesel" as he had been working very hard and he had to shower before he could play with me any more, I wanted to have a shower as well but I was already "squeeky"clean and smelling pretty. I ended up going to bed at 7pm and slept all the way till 6.20am. Mummy says today we are going to a place called "The Fun Station", I'm not sure what it is but it has my favourite word in it so its going to be GREAT!!! I will write and tell you all about it.
Love Sophie

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