Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Guess what, I am so excited as I received 2 emails. One from Memere and Pepere and one from Grande Canadian Ma Tante Gisele. Gisele is my Memere's sister....Mummy said she is known as "the favourite one"!!!!! I cant wait to meet her as well as all my other relatives that Mummy and Daddy are always talking about.
Yesterday I went to Nan and Grandpas house with Sasha to play for a little while. I had fun crawling around on the floor and now I can crawl up one stair as well. Its easy to get up but I can't get down without falling and then I get upset. When we got home, Mummy realised she had left Sasha behind. I knew we had left her as she wasn't in the back seat with me and her tail wasn't wagging in my face....which I was quite happy about!!! I tried to tell Mummy but she was too busy looking after me, so we had to go back and get Sasha in the afternoon.
For lunch I ate blueberries and apples mixed with oats, so yummy! When I woke up from my sleep, Mummy and I played. I like to hold on to a spoon in one hand a rusk in the other and then I take turns on what I want to chew on. I went in the "jolly jumper" as well and I loved hanging out and swinging around. I can also watch Mummmy run around doing things she runs around the house with a long stick brushing the floor...I dont know why she does looks like fun. I think she said it is called sweeping and mopping and when I am much bigger I can do it as well.....I can hardly wait for that!!!!
Bye for now,
Love Sophie
PS: Last night I stayed up a bit later and after my bath Daddy came home to play with me. He is so funny and he pretended to chase me around the loungeroom. Daddy is clever like me because he knows how to crawl as well!!!! Even Sasha tried to play. I had so much fun.

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