Sunday, June 01, 2003

Well, our computer has been very naughty and wont let me write anymore. We will have to wait till Daddy comes home so he can get it fixed up again. Mummy said Daddy had been working very hard and will be home tomorrow now and I am so excited. I will be asleep when he comes home but when I wake up he will come to play with me. yay, yay, yay!!!!!
Today and yesterday was very cold. Mummy took me for a walk in the pram yesterday and I had to wear a fleecy jumper and fleecy hat with my denim jeans and also wore fleecy socks with my little Canadian shoes. We went to the shops and Mummy bought groceries and on the way back I had a sleep, even though I had just had a sleep after that I stayed awake for the whole day. I had a yummy rusk in the afternoon and I enjoyed chomping away on it for hours, it was so yummy!!!!! Mummy played with me in the bath and I like to splash in the water now, it is so much fun. I even splashed Mummy and made her laugh, so then I laughed as well.
Today, Aunty Jane came over and we watched football and she is staying overnight. We played during my bath tonight then she washed my hair. I dont have much hair.....(Mummy says I have a hairstyle like Pepere!!!!) After, Aunty Jane tried to dress me and I cried and cried and cried. In fact, Mummy said that she wouldn't be surprised if Aunty Jane never wanted children of her own as I did enough loud crying to put anyone off!!!!!! After my "expression session" I did my best smiles and went to bed like a good girl.
Love Sophie

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