Thursday, June 19, 2003

Today I discovered the whole new world of cupboards!!!!! I crawled down the hallway and found one with lots of towels in it and then when I was crawling in the kitchen and trying to grip onto Mummy's legs, I found lots of them. Lots and lots and lots more tupperware for me to play with not just the few bits Mummy always gives me. Then when I was bored with cupboards I crawled up to the big blue pots and climbed up to see what was in favourite dark stuff. Mummy said it is dirt and yucky for little babies but I love to play with it!!!!! Today I went to the creche again but I was excited because Mummy said my friend Ella was going to now be going to creche as well and I couldn't wait to see her. When my Mummy and Ella's Mummy came to pick us up we were both in the port -a -cot's playing with some toys, but I had gotten bored with this and when Ella fell down I tried to stand on her head so I could be that little bit taller and reach the top of the port a cot. Mummy said that wasn't a very nice thing to do to Ella but as she wan't crying I didin't think she would mind if I used her head as a step ladder!!!!!! When we came home Mummy and I played and I had lunch.....Pumpkin and beef mince....mmmmmm, yum!!!! I was so happy because I didn't have to go to bed straight away as finally Mummy has realised I am not that tired in the day....(even though she might be!!!!) I eventually had a quick 30 minute sleep and then Mummy, Sasha and I went for a walk. I love to watch the cars go by and Sasha run fast in front. Mummy said Sasha was running even faster than normal as she had had a bath and all the dirt and lots of her hair came off her!!!
I am happy tonight because Daddy rang to say he would be home on Sunday and not Thursday...(not that I know the difference) but I think Sunday is sooner so I get to see him earlier!!!!! Tonight I brushed my teeth again with my very own toothbrush, I started doing this yesterday and it makes me giggle especially when Mummy brushes her teeth at the same time.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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