Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Last night I slept all night again and didn't wake up once, unlike the night before when I woke up 5 times and wanted to play!!!!!! Yesterday I went to play at Nan and Grandpa's house. I liked sitting in the kitchen on the floor and pulling all the tupperware out of Nan's cupbpoards.....and today, I discovered pots and pans!!!! For lunch I had my first taste of vegemite!!!!!!! I really liked it, but then I will eat anything you give me at the moment, I would even eat paper and dirt if it was available to me!!! Mummy said that Memere and Pepere wouldn't eat vegemite and they think it tastes yucky, all of my Canadian relatives don't like it but I am sure Cousin Justin would like it because he is a baby like me and babies like everything!!!!!
I still have a runny nose and I really hate having it wiped. I still only have 2 teeth so any day now I am expecting a new one to pop up. I'd really like another tooth as I am trying really hard to chew stuff and the 2 that I have are not much good on their own.
Bye for now
Love Sophie

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