Sunday, June 22, 2003

I had a really big sleep last night, from 5.45pm until 6.45am.....all that dreaming!!!! Mummy said one more sleep like that and then Daddy will be home to play with me again, I am so excited I can hardly stop slapping my hands on my legs.
Yesterday Mummy took me for a walk in the pram and we went to visit Lally, I crawled around and explored and then I ate some toast, it was very yummy. When we came home it rained and rained all day long so Mummy and I played by the window and watched it and I put my little hand prints all over the windows, sometimes Mummy showed me my books and I look at all the pictures but I am not too interested in them at the moment as there is just way too many exciting things I could be putting in my mouth. Mummy said I am so clever and can find the smallest of objects on the floor.....even after she has cleaned it for me and she also wanted to know why when I have so many toys to play with do I always want to play with keys, remote controls and mobile phones!!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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