Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Last night, I woke up a lot again, just like the night before. I just didn't feel like being in my cot at all. In the morning...(even though it was still dark outside) ....Daddy came and got me and we played in the lounge room for a little while until I got really, really, really hungry and then he had to take me to Mummy so I could have milk. I played in Mummy and Ddady's big bed with Daddy's watch and I love to brush my 2 little teeth with the velcro on the band, it feels so funny!!!!! Today Mummy and I went to the gym and I went to creche, but after a little while the nice lady who looks after me at creche had to go and get my Mummy because I was so sad and I was crying really really loud. I even had real tears. The lady told my Mummy she just didn't know what was wrong with me and maybe I had some little pains in my tummy. I really just wanted my Mummy because as soon as I saw her I stopped crying. I dont think Mummy was too impressed, but what does she expect from a 7 and a half month old !!!!!!
Time for me to have a nap,
Love Sophie

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