Saturday, May 24, 2003


Yesterday was a very busy day. First of all I slept through the whole night again and Mummy said I am such a good girl!!! After breakfast I played with my toys, but mostly I like to play with things that are'nt toys, like spoons. I can play with a spoon for a very long time and not even get sick of it. When I was having my morning nap, Daddy came home and was a bit noisy and then the next door neighbour came over and they talked loud and woke me up......I wanted to get up and play then as I thought I was missing out on something fun!!!! Mummy tried to get me to sleep again but "No way" I said, I'm not tired anymore. Then Mummy, Daddy and I went to a big Shopping Centre. We went in the car and I laughed a lot because Daddy kept turning around and pulling funny faces and I think it is so funny. Mummy told him to keep is eye on the road but I prefer when he looks at me. I sat in my pram and watched lots of people walking around everywhere and then we went into a big store and bought me a "jolly jumper". Then I remembered that I was actually tired from being woken up before during my nap, so I started crying so Mummy or Daddy could pick me up.
When we got home I had lunch and I had my first taste of beef. In fact I ate "meat and 3 veg" all mixed up together. It was yummy and then I had a nice long sleep.
When I woke up I played in the "jolly jumper". It is so much fun and I like to swing in it back and forth and then I jump up and down. When Sasha walks past, I look bigger than her for a change as I am standing up...(almost).
Then Cam, Caz and Angus came over and I played with Angus. Mummy cooked dinner for everybody so Daddy bathed me and then I went to sleep very fast after I had yummy milk and slept 12 and a half hours without waking up once!!!!!!
That is all for now, I am so tired from reliving yesterdays activities again.......I need another nap.
Love Sophie

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