Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I had fun today with my friends Ella, Hayley, Rhys and Madeline. Charlie didn't come over as he wasn't feeling very well. I wasn't feeling that well either and last night I had tummy pains as well as a runny nose. I couldn't sleep from 2am - 4am and was crying, crying,crying and Mummy had to stay awake with me as well. I hope I am all better tommorow. I let my friends play with my toys but sometimes when they have one I want I just grab it right back off them and then they cry. Mummy said I was a little bit of a bully but Sasha had told me to mark my territory !!!!! Then I tried to roll on Rhys and he wasn't very happy about that. The other babies don't know how to crawl like me, apart from Ella as she is a clever baby as well.
Mummy said Daddy will be home in 2 more sleeps but does that mean 2 more sleeps including the sleeps I have in the day as well, or 2 big sleeps when it is dark. I am so confused. Anyway, I can hardly wait and we are going to pick him up at the airport. Yay,Yay,Yay.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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