Friday, May 23, 2003


Hi everyone, guess what? My Daddy is home!!! I was very happy to see him, and I was a real good girl the whole time I was with him, I giggled all morning for him and did not cry even once! He had to go to a meeting this morning for his work, I dont understand what work is but it must be fun c'ause he spends lots of time there, and somehow it keeps me in nappies...
I went for a stroll with mum today in the Adventure Buggy and I did not even cry, this is a big deal as I usually love to cry lots in that pram. I like to watch Sasha run ahead of us, she like to wee everywhere. Mummy says she is incontinent, what is incontinent??? We visited Nan and Granpa and when we came back I had a little nap c'ause I was kind of tired.
When Daddy came back Aunty Emilly dropped in, I was a happy girl then as well c'ause Daddy was playing airplane with me, I think I like airplane it is my favorite game. Mummy told him to not rev me up c'ause it was getting close to bed time. We had a shower and I giggled alot, I like showers with Dad c'ause he likes to be silly, Mummy says he is good at being silly. Well I just had my last bottle and I am going to go to sleep now until late tomorrow morning. Just kidding I will probably wake up really early before the sun comes up c'ause it is fun to see Mummy and Daddys expression, they are funny looking early in the morning especially Daddy.
Good night everyone I look forward to writing all my days events tomorrow, I think Daddy is taking me out in the afternoon probably somewhere where he can show me off ( most likely in a cd shop), he says women really find him attractive when I am around and Mummy likes the break, as I take alot of her time.
Oh well good night to all
Love, Sophie

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