Thursday, July 03, 2003

Well, still no teeth!!!! Mummy tells me they will be here any day, but I'm not sure as she has been saying that for a while! I now have a bad cough as well as a runny nose, but Mummy and Daddy say I have been a very good girl even though I am not feeling very well. It is still raining and raining and raining....all day long so we have been staying inside a lot, but the lucky thing is that I have Daddy to climb all over and he is very funny. I have a new game with him, I crawl very very fast as fast as I can to reach him and when I get to him I place my head on the carpet and close my eyes and he thinks I am falling asleep....but I am only tricking, but I don't think he knows that because he is very very silly!!
Also it was my 8 months old birthday on Sunday and so yesterday I had to go and get weighed and checked out a bit. I now weigh 7.5 kg and have grown 2.5 cm in one month. I had only put on 300 grams, but that is OK as it is because I move a lot and Mummy said that I save lots of money as we don't need to buy me new clothes as I still fit the clothes I have een wearing since I was only 3 months old.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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