Sunday, July 06, 2003

I have been a very good baby even though I have had a very runny nose. Daddy took me to a guitar shop on Saturday and all the workers in there said I was very cute but Daddy had to hold me because I wanted to play with all the guitars everywhere but Daddy said they are not for little babies like me to play with and I could only just look at them. It is fun having Daddy home and I like to now be very adventurous and crawl all over the house to find him. Before, I would only crawl around in the room that Mummy and Daddy were in, but I have discovered a whole new world out there......outside of where they place me to play!!! I have noticed that wherever I go, they follow me anyway, so it is a great new game. Last night I stayed over at Nan and Grandpa's house and I slept through the whole night....(not sure why Mummy thinks that is such a big deal!!!!) I listened to the lovely music and played with Nan's knitting bag and lot's of other little things they always give me to play with. Today Mummy said she is going to take me for a walk along the beach as it is the only day in a long time where rain isn't pouring down.
Love Sophie

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