Thursday, July 10, 2003

Today I was sad as Daddy has to go away to work again. He has gone to Vietnam......not sure where it is but it sounds far away!. So it is just Mummy and I again for a little while....oh yeah, and Sash, but she is a dog and Mummy says dogs are lower down on the scale from Mummy's and babies and Sash needs to remember she is a dog and not a human sometimes!!!! Today I went on my first ever train ride into the city. It was pouring with rain and windy as well but Mummy and I went on the train and it was fun. I sat in my pram the whole way in and tried to get the lady sitting next to Mummy to look at me by pulling the best of my cutest faces at her.....although she didn't say, I think she thought I was the cutest baby she had ever seen!!!!!!!! We went walking about the city and I looked at so many interesting things, lots of kids running around, lots of shops, lots of rain, more rain and even more rain!!!! I was all rugged up in my pram and was very cosy and didn't get wet from the rain once. On the way home another baby like me was sitting next to us on the train, and her name was Josie and she tried to grab my ears and her Daddy told her to "be gentle!!!!......what is "gentle"...I hear it all the time as Mummy and Daddy always say to me "Be gentle"...I don't know what it is , anyway, Josie didn't know either, oh well, it must not be very important because how do they expect us babies to understand anyway!!!!
So that was a pretty fun day and I am so tired from my big excursion.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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