Monday, July 21, 2003

On Saturday night, Mummy's friend Stephanie and her baby Lenny came over to stay for the night. Lenny is 5 weeks younger but a lot bigger than me and we had lots of fun playing. We even had a bath together!!!!! I splashed him a lot but he didn't like it very much and he cried but I was just trying to have fun. After our bath we played on the carpet and Mummy says I am just like "Little Miss Nosy" because whenever Lenny had something in his hands to play with I would want it and I would go and get it off him. He doesn't know how to crawl yet so It was really easy to get away with it. Mummy said I will have to be careful because one day Lenny is going to be a lot bigger and stronger than me and he will get me back!!!
Today I have been practising my walking and I can now wheel my little walker and walk behind for a few steps before falling over. Also I am a very fast crawler and can crawl all over the house in no time at all. Mummy thinks she should put cloths on my knees and elbows and then I could clean the floor!!!
Mummy told Daddy he better come home soon as I might start walking on y very own and he doesn't want to miss that and besides I can't wait to see him again.
Bye bye
Love Sophie

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