Friday, July 18, 2003

Today is a very sunny day but still very cold. Mummy is going to take me for a walk along the beach and Sasha can come as well. Yesterday we walked to my friend Will's house and I played with Ella, Jayde and Ben as well. I liked to climb up 2 stairs and then turn around and climb back down. I did this over and over again and it was so much fun. When we walked back to our house I fell asleep in my pram because I was so worn out. Daddy phoned to talk to me yesterday and I like to listen to him, he makes me smile. I am standing up all the time now and I can also bend down and pick a toy up and still be standing up.....I am so clever!!!!! I can also take a step towards Mummy when she puts her arms out. I have to go now as Mummy said we have to go to buy some groceries...yay, that is so much fun!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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