Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sandpit and stuff

It's been a while I know! I have been ever so busy. Daddy is home and not working so we have been having lots of fun. Going to the dumped by a big huge wave and swallowed more water than I really would have liked and hope to never swallow that much ever again....not nice! Kindy is great fun. Started swimming lessons again and so far that is good fun as well. Luc is ever so cute, not to mention very, very funny AND starting to sleep....wooohooo!!!!!

Here is a picture of my new sandpit that daddy clever is he!!!! I have been spending a lot of time in there.

Bye for now



Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tea Party Time

Yesterday was a rainy kind of cold day.....not like a summery day at all. I decided to have a tea party with my friends Gloria(teddy) and Daisy(baby). First I had to make muffins, I made choc chip muffins with marshmallows) I added the marshmallows in at the last moment and they turned out really yummy. Luc watched me and said the odd "coo" and "ahh" and "goo".

Yep, he got that right, the mixture did look like goo!!! When the muffins were cooking I set the table and Mummy had a good idea about putting a vase of flowers on the table. So I went out to pick the flowers from our garden.

I picked the frangipani's and when I brought them in Mummy said that they were her favourite flowers and that they remind her of when we were in Hawaii with Memere, Pepere, Ginette, John and Justin. SO I closed my eyes and sniffed and guess does smell just like Hawaii and makes me miss them more and more. I miss Daddy too but least he is back home in 3 sleeps.

Package from Memere and Pepere

A package came for me today!!! Wow, I was so excited and I knew it was from Memere and Pepere. It was a Valentines Day present!!!! I am so lucky to have such a lovely Memere and Pepere that send me packages all the time, it makes me think of them lots and lots because I miss them so much. I love my little bag, stickers and beautiful pink t shirt and socks. Yesterday it was raining and I had to get ready for kindy and guess what.......none of my sneakers fit, my feet had grown TOO big!!!! So , Mummy had to buy me some new sneakers for my TOO big feet because I can't wear sandals in the rain, because my TOO big feet would get wet! SO, my lovely new socks with the litle red hearts (my gift) look very very cute in my new sneakers. Don't you think!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Will and Me

My friend Will came over last week for a play. Will is 5 so he is bit older than me and he goes to pre school not kindy like me because he already did kindy last year. Anyway, we had a good time playing with playdough and playing in the pool and Mummy made choc chip cookies for us......yippeee! They were very yummy. However I am starting to see the difference between girls and boys. For some reason Will was not really into playing "mummies and daddies and babies" and that was even after I said he could be whoever he wanted to be, THEN he really did not want to watch "The Little Mermaid" as he much preferred "Sharktale"! BUT, we still had lots of fun AND we both have baby brothers and they were born 12 days apart!!!!! Although, I have heard that baby Harry sleeps all night long.....hmmmm wonder what that would be like to have your baby brother sleep all night long.....

Monday, February 12, 2007


Daddy got home on Sunday afternoon. Boy were we glad to see him!! Bad news though....he is only here for 3 sleeps......then he has to go back on the plane to work for 7 more sleeps :-(

Anyway, I have been making the most of having him home and we have been "jammin" a bit lately. I play my drum along to whatever he is playing. I'm actually pretty good. All those music lessons with Nanny are paying off! Luc loves it too......sometimes he does the harmony...(which actually sounds just like 2 cats fighting!!!!) WEll, he is just a baby!!!! Yep, still not sleeping much either. He may not be good at singing but he SURE is good at waking!!
*** Also Mummy said to tell you all the "comment"section has been fixed so that anyone can leave a comment. SO if anyone is actually reading, drop me a line and let me know....don't be shy!!!!We would love to hear from you***

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kindy update

On the way home from Kindy on Friday I say to Mummy......"I made a new friend"! Mummy says, "That's nice, what is her name". I say, well, I was sitting on the mat and I said to this little girl...."will you be my friend" and she nodded. Mummy says again, "what is her name"??? Hmmm, can't remember her name BUT.......she had piggytails with pink ribbons, a purple skirt on, a green t shirt with a yellow flower on it, pink sandals, a "Dora the explorer" school bag, a "Tinkerbell" lunchbox and a "Barbie" drink bottle, she had a banana for her snack AND she had a beads bracelet and a strawberry on her necklace!!!!!
Mummy said, "So, you remember ALL that, but you don't remember her name"?????

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The weekend

Had a HOT weekend. Daddy had a great idea about filling up our small pool. I told him, "That's the best idea you have had in a long while Daddy"!!!! Didn't know that it's kind of rude to say it like that.....I've just heard Mummy say that to him before , that's all!!! That's me....always listening!!!!!!
Anyway, had lots of fun in the pool. Daddy couldn't wait for it to fill so he lay in it while it was filling. Aunty Em and Jacky-boy came round and we played for ages in there. Luc went in too, he liked it....well, he didn't cry, so he must of!
Bye for now

Sunday, February 04, 2007

First day of Kindergarten

Last Friday was my first day of kindy!!! I was so looking forward to it. I picked out my clothes the night before and packed my "school bag"!!
I had a good nights sleep although at 4am I woke up and remembered that we had forgotten to get my hair cut. Mummy had always said, before kindy starts I would get a haircut. So, I decided I better go and tell 4am!!!!! Mummy said we could talk about it in the morning!!! Then I decided I would sleep with Mummy and daddy for the rest of the night. It's OK , there is room in there, because Mummy spends half the night in Luc's room!!!!!!
So my kindy is really fun. My teacher is called Mrs Huggins...that's becasue she said she likes hugs!!! I did paintings and played with playdough and some of the kids. I can't wait to go back next Thursday.
Love Sophie

Thursday, February 01, 2007

4 months old

Wow, 4 months old aready!!!!
Where has the time gone!! Well, if you ask Mummy I am sure she will say it has passed in a "sleep deprived haze"!!!!! Those that know me, know I am not the greatest sleeping baby in the world...not even close. In fact Mummy says I am right up there with some of the worst!
I say to mum, Hey, you can't have everything. I have gotta be up there with being the cutest and funniest and as hard as it is to believe "happiest".....hard to believe considering I don't sleep much.
So here I am 4 months old......
I weigh 6.5 kilos
I am 63 cm long
I have brown eyes (they have kind of changed to this colour more and more lately)
I sleep 3 lots of 20 minute sleeps during the day ...(on a good day)
I go to bed at 7.30pm..then wake 30 minutes later and at least 6 times in the night.....until 6.40am every morning when I start talking to my toys on the wall ....and Mummy gets me up for the day!
I can roll over from front to back
I dribble a lot...(maybe I am getting teeth already)
I smile at EVERYONE that puts their face close to mine
I am very happy to sit in my pram and look around without getting grumpy for a couple of hours
I like lying on my play mat and looking and talking to my toys
I can say "aggoo", "gooaah" and gooo" (not sure what they mean)
I love milk (mummy makes the best!)
I am definately very very cheeky
I have the best big sister in the world and my eyes light up whenever she looks at me. I am constantly looking around whenever I hear her beautiful voice
I like all kinds of music... Daddy's guitar playing, daddy's "loud music and Nanny's classical music and especially Bob Dylan, he can quiet me in 10 seconds flat.
I have the stomach muscles of a 12 month old (according to the doctor!!!!) hey, may as well exercise when you are awake all the time.
I am the luckiest baby to have the best Mummy and Daddy in the world
I have the TIREDEST mummy in the world.

Here is me at 4 months old....yeah yeah, "SPIT HAPPENS!"
Also one of me with one of my mummie's favourite friends.....Trish. I kind of look like her, don't you think!!!! I think Mummy was wanting her to take me home one day.....(after a particularly rough night with me!!!!!!

So, I think it is obvious there is definate room for improvement in the sleep department. I'll keep it in mind... ha ha!!!!!!!!!
Luc Daniel Belliveau