Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Sorry i have not written in my diary for so many moons. Aunty Jane is helping me as mummy and daddy are busy. We have new floor! This means lots of space for me to crawl around on - all shiny and clean. We have new carpet too - won't be long before i mess it up though, although i don't think mummy will EVER let me near the carpet with food.
Daddy took some black and white photos of me the other day in the bath and i look just adorable. We will try and send some soon and maybe Aunty Jane will post them on the web.
At the moment i am at family dinner. Aunty Em and Uncle Carl are here too. Daddy stayed behind as he has a very important exam and I have been getting in his way at study time (like with my noise and stuff)!
I will write more soon,
Sophie (with Aunty Jane's help!)

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