Saturday, August 02, 2003

Mummy has not been feeling very well and so couldn't write my diary for me and I thought it best to not play on the computer while she was sick and Daddy was just busy looking after me. I was so happy to see Daddy last Sunday morning and we had so much fun playing and giggling, but then on Monday Mummy got Tonsillitis and a virus......I hope I don't get it because she had to stay in bed all day and I would really hate to have to do that. It was funny when Daddy looked after me because he does things different to Mummy. He doesn't make very good rice cereal in the morning, but he makes very nice vegemite and toast!! Also, he is not very good at making sure my clothes are colour co ordinated and sometimes he had to dress me a few times before he got it right. Luckily, Mummy was sick enough to not even worry about that kind of thing!! Also when he feeds me he always forgets to put the bib on me and then after I eat I often have to get dressed again. I dont know if Mummy has noticed but there sure is a lot of washing to be done now! Apart from that he did a very very good job as I was always warm and fed and having lots of fun and Mummy said to him....that is the main thing!!! When Mummy was better we went to a big store and bought a camera that makes movies so I have been a little actress and posing lots for the camera. We are making a movie of me for my Memere and Pepere and all my other lovely Canadian relatives and they will be all so impressed with my acting skills as well as my other talents. I can now take 4 steps all by myself!!!!
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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