Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I have some new tricks. The first one is, whenever anyone says"Bonjour" to me, I wave my hand at them. Daddy has also taught me how to tap his hand, he tells me in French to tap his hand and I do it because I am so clever. Mummy has been trying to teach me to clap hands for 3 months and Daddy teaches me in one day how to pat his hand. Mummy thinks she may need to tell me in French how to clap because so far I am only understanding French. Mummy said I have been a very good baby and I am growing too fast. I am now 9 months old and 1 week and I weigh 7.9 kilos (17 pound 9 ounces) and am 70 cm tall. I can take 4 steps and I can walk around the house with my little walker. I can say mum mum and da da and babba and a whole lot more noises that don't really mean anything. My favourite game is "Peek a boo" and "This Little Piggy" and I love getting tickled and chased. I love reading my books and turning the pages and my favourite foods are vegemite or avocado sandwiches, rockmelon, yoghurt, apples, and little broccoli trees!!!! When I don't want anymore of my dinner I love to throw it on the floor for Sasha to eat. (Sasha doesn't like broccoli !!!!) I STILL only have 2 teeth although Mummy keeps saying....any day now there will be more, I really could do with a few more to help me chew steak like Daddy!!!!
Lots of love Sophie

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