Monday, August 25, 2003

Mummy has been so busy lately and hasn't been able to help me type in my diary. She says it is because I am like a "mini cyclone" now and can destroy a room in minutes and then she has to tidy it all up again. ( What is a cyclone???) Sometimes I try to help her clean up and when she puts all my books back on the bookshelf, I pull them all down again. I also empty all the toys out of my toybox right after she has picked them up as well. Its a game I like to play with Mummy and I can tell she just loves it as well!!! Another of my new favourite game is to throw all the food that Mummy gives me to eat from my highchair onto the floor. The more times I throw it over, the more Mummy gives me more food to throw....its so much fun especially when Sasha waits at the botom to catch things. I now have 5 teeth. I got my latest new one on Saturday and I think I have another one about to arrive soon as well because my gums have been very sore lately and this makes me unhappy. Today I also took 7 steps on my own and walked to Mummy. I got so excited for the last 2 steps that I fell onto her and then I giggle a lot because it was so exciting. Soon I will be able to run as well. Today when my Daddy came home he told Mummy he had to study a lot so I tried to help him by making lots of noises and being as cute as possible but Daddy said that it was pretty hard to concentrate with me saying "ba ba ba ba ba ba " over and over again so then I started banging toys on the floor as they make such a great sound. Then Mummy took me to have my bath as she said my efforts were not very appreciated. (What does appreciated mean???? ) Tomorrow we are going to visit my friends so I will write and tell you all about it.
Lots of love

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