Monday, August 27, 2012

Sophie's Holy Communion Day

Yesterday was Sophie's First Holy Communion Day.  It was a beautiful day and we all had a great day. Sophie and the rest of the Year 4 children, all 60 of them did a great job with their readings and singing throughout the service.
Sophie looked gorgeous.
We were not allowed to take photos in the church but don't worry we took lot's of photos before and after!

Beautiful girl

Luc's pose cracks me up....I think he even told me to wait before taking this photo so that he could squeeze his hands into his "skinny jeans"!

more posing!

Dad and daughter

opening her cards

with Nanny and Grandpa

checking herself out in the mirror

amazing cake made by my friend Penny

my little girl

Sophie and Indy

Friends..Sofie, Sophie and Libby
I love the following photos of Sophie and Libby , can just imagine what they are saying!

Sophie: do you like my hair?
Libby: hmm not sure

Libby: can I touch it...are those curls real?

Sophie: check out my shoes

in the church

class photo

Afterwards, a yummy dinner at home and Sophie's favourite, homemade gnocchi

cousins on the couch!

with cousin Sari.....  Sari is very excited now to make her First Holy Communion and dress like a princess....only 5 years to wait Sari!

Kai enjoying his Sophie cuddles

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Grandpa said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful Sophie and her beautiful family on a beautiful First Communion Day.
We are so proud of you all.
Love from Grandpa and Nanny.