Friday, August 17, 2012

Funnies from a 5 year old!

Last week was my mum's birthday.  She celebrated her 74th year...(even though she only looks maybe  60)!  On the morning of her birthday when I woke up, Luc was already awake and seemed to be very, very busy.  He told me he was "making" a present for Nanny for her "burs day"! I said, "oh how nice and thoughtful of you Luc, I am sure Nanny will love her homemade gift"..... as he was continuing his task of using a whole roll of sticky tape to "wrap" this gift.....paper all strew across the floor.

"Yes" he said, "I just went to my room and got a lot of toys I don't want to play with anymore and I am wrapping them up for Nanny, for her burs-day".  I looked at the pile under the poorly wrapped paper......a spongebob watch, a ben 10 watch, some dolls house furniture, a plastic ball, a broken lot's of other meaningless crap.  I said, "Do you think Nanny needs 2 watches"......."Yes, he says and actually neither of them work"....gosh, this gift gets better and better all the time!

I then said, "would you like to get a gift like this"...."Yes, I would love it and I'm going to tell Nanny when she finishes 'playing' with them maybe she can give then all back to me!!!!

Seriously he is quite the crack up.  Even just now he has come to show me some numbers he has written down.  I looked at them and said, "wow, how did you get so smart"....after a few seconds, he shrugged his shoulders and said all seriously like....."actually I'm not sure but maybe I'm just born that way"!

Happy Birthday Mum!

 Denis bought a mandolin.  It arrived this week in a box.  Yesterday Luc wrapped the box around himself and asked me...."Mum, do I look like a mandarine"?  "No you do not look like a mandarine"!! "Oh, he said, I thought you would think I was daddy's MANDARINE as I am in the box". "Actually, Daddy has  a Mandolin, not a mandarine as a mandarine is like a small orange and you don't look like a small orange". "oh right", he says.

The back seat of my car is full of sand.  Luc seems to bring home part of the school sand pit each day.  When I pick him up from school I make him take his shoes off before he gets in the car and empty out the sand.  Seriously, the amount of sand he carts around in there is ridiculous and he wears them like that all afternoon as they have their play after lunch time.   Today I just had to photograph the amount of sand in his shoes.  I say to him..."it can't be that comfortable wearing half the sand pit in your shoes like that"....he responds, "no, it's not, but I think I look taller"!  What the??

He's a laugh a minute that kid.

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