Monday, August 13, 2012

Universal Studios and Venice Beach

We spent a couple of days wandering along Venice Beach.  I had been there 20 years before and relay not  a lot had changed.  Sadly though, there war a lot more people "camping" in the parks as the kids called it and also a lot asking for spare change as well.  The kids were fascinated by the street vendors and the lengths people will go to for a few dollars. The skate boarders were pretty cool to watch as well, some of them were very good.

"world's greatest wino"...

sitting down rapper man

things for sale..

Sophie about to try real american lemonade for the first time.....

Sophie after tasting the lemonade....ha ha, very sour.

Shrek at Universal studios on our last day in USA

Donkey called Denis over and told him he looked like Mel Gibson...too funny

patient kids waiting in line to meet Spongebob

Spongebob being funny with one hand on Luc's face

Say cheese

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