Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More from the Canada trip.......

Luc and Memere the night we arrived...Luc's classic quote of the trip was...."My face won't stop smiling, it is way too happy"

Pepere and Luc

Me at Parlee Beach, Shediac where we rented the cottage..warmest waters north of Florida!

more hermit crab hunting...so much fun

amazing veggie garden that I was allowed to raid for salads....so so good.

Argh, me hearties have got a hold of Sophie...

In a town called Alma, at the entrance to Fundy National Park

view of the bay of Fundy

lovely green trees...

on a hiking trail....

We did a hike of Dickson falls...very picturesque

Sophie at the tops of the stairs, awesome waterfall

I think I am about to speak in this pic...(what a surprise)


hiking trail

covered bridge in Fundy National Park....none of these in Perth!

the kids couldn't get over how green everything is....in summer even!

Low tide at Alma

Fresh Lobster from Alma.....delicious

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