Monday, August 06, 2012

Am amazing vacation...

We are back home and all had the most amazing time with our lovely friends and family in Canada as well as some exciting adventures in LA.  We took over 1600 photos....I know, a little over the top maybe, but don't worry I won't put them ALL on this blog. So, in no particular order here are some special moments captured........

Above: Sophie and Luc with cousin Justin at Memere and Pepere's house.

Luc...looking a bit cold straight out of the pool and feeling jet lagged after our huge journey in the sky.

Sophie, Justin and Uncle John...pool fun

Grand Memere...95 years young with Sophie aged 9.....first time seeing each other in 7 years!

Grand Pepere, Grand Memere and the kids...

cottage we rented for 2 weeks in cute isn't it!

Denis in Lobster heaven...

Happy Canada Day.... Sophie with Aunty soon as this picture was taken the cake then  fell to the ground..oops!

Lobster feast for supper...yippee
 A game of cards first thing in the morning with Pepere

My first Lobster roll on the trip...yes, the first of many!

Denis's holiday lunch almost everyday...

just to prove I am on the trip...a pic of Luc and I, that I took myself, ha ha

MORE get the idea. It was so so good and cheap and Sophie loved it as well.

Sophie and Justin playing Twister with Memere and Pepere

Great Aunty Gisele (she's the favourite one, ha ha Gisele if you are reading this!!") always smiling...

more fun times..

Ginette and I...all ready to go out for the evening...

Denis and his lovely mum

John and Ginette chilling on Parlee Beach

The kids spent hours searching for hermit crabs and letting the "tickle fish" into their homemade hermit crab pools. With friends Miriam and Genevieve.

Sophie, Genevieve and Miriam on the beach

cottages right on "the Bluff" at Parlee beach...lot's of sand banks today.

Canada Day cottage fun

Denis's mum and dad...Play us a song Rheal!

This pic is taken at about 10.30pm, it took us a little while to get used to the daylight saving having lots of fun on the hammock

Luc, wondering if he can get any closer to his cousin Justin whom he followed around like a little shadow

Sophie making bracelets..

Great Aunty Della , Grand Memere, Annette , lovely mum -in-law and Grand Pepere....a nice evening visiting us at the cottage

Denis and his Aunt Della


Pepere bought Luc some little gloves so he could help him unload the wood for the fire...

Luc...helping out

Good friend Marc....teaching the boys some guitar rifts!

heading to the beach....

Luc saying..."wait for meeeeeeeeee"

quick detour into the reeds....

i love Canada

kids on the move..

cousin Al hanging with Luc..

how lucky we were that the cottage we rented had this huge trampoline....the kids loved it and so did us parents as they were so busy.  There was a TV and DVD player in the cottage but not once in 2 weeks did the kids ask to watch was so nice, they were always too busy running around.

practising for the "family circus"

entry to the cottage...huge grassed area and fire pit to the far right

just loved this "sun room"...enclosed with fly screen all the way around. A great place for a coffee in the morning and wine in the afternoon...great for anything really, ha ha!

time to cool down with the hose!

the girls "face painted" Luc to look like a zombie!

Al, Sophie and Luc..good times

Al...with as much energy as the kids!!

Sophie getting in a bit of gymnastics practise!

nice control Sophie 

another lobster feast with Aunt Nadine, Uncle John and their boys Luc and Al

AL teaching Luc the "art of marshmallowing"

love this pic....though blurry, captures the moment 

Dads and their Luc's!  Denis always looked up to his Uncle Jean on the left and his son Luc on the much so we named Luc after him!

Great photo of a mum and son x

Grand Pepere and little Luc at the family reunion

Aunt Lea, Grand Memere, Florence (Grand Memere's sister) and Gisele...

awesome photo....if I say so myself! Denis and his mum, dad and sister Ginette

another nice one

another sister to Annette...Aunt Bernice

some of the great grandchildren in the canoe

Sophie with big Luc's hat on

Luc's turn

Justin, Luc and Al...chilling at the cottage

path to Parlee Beach

Memere braiding Sophie's hair

crab legs...yummo

SO...there you go...many many more to come....

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