Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still here....

We are still Overseas and so sorry for the lack of posts. Have had some technical issues with connections etc and updating the blog was not possible nor was I able to post pictures!:-(. Currently we are in Anaheim and have spent 3 magical days in Disneyland and the California Adventure Park prior to that we spent 2.5 weeks in Moncton/ Shediac having way too much fun with all our extended family and friends... Way too much fun. We have had an amazing trip so far and don't worry as you will be seeing all the pictures and hearing more about it all when we return home next week. Today we are heading into Santa Monica and staying by the Pacific Ocean for 3 nights. We will visit Universal Studios and rent another convertible and drive up the Californian coast..... Stay tuned, promise to be back on track with updates next week .... Xxx

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