Tuesday, August 07, 2012

more pics....from Canada

In no particular order and actually a bit all over the place......
out at Bouctouche for the day at Serge and Rachel's..... their new "party boat". Ginette, Annette, Bernice and I

cute houses...

late nights and good fun taking their toll....Luc would fall asleep every time we went anywhere in the car...Sophie as well a lot of times.

the famous Lobster at the entrance to Shediac

love these houses....

Sophie and Grand Memere...day before we left :-(

Great grandparents house

cooking with Memere

the kids with our friend Marc

beautiful girl

cheeky boy

not having any fun right???

our last night!

Grand Pepere and Sophie

with Luc

"the last supper" alfresco....kids are going to really really miss cousin Justin!

Marc and my favourite and only sister in law and brother in law

salmon dinner and cute grandparents that must eat every night at 5.30pm.  I was watching what they eat as they are 95 and 97, still living together and on their own and doing so great.  Meat and 3 veg and everything home cooked it seems.... potatoes every night is very Acadian as well.

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