Monday, September 03, 2012

Mr Tickle and Puss in Boots

It was Book week at school last week and on Friday the kids were allowed to dress up as a character from a book.  Introducing Mr Tickle and Puss in Boots.  

Here is Luc's Pre Primary class getting ready to go to the "book week parade".  His teacher, the lovely Mrs Lord dressed up as Cinderella (before the Ball!)

waiting in line with a Mr Strong and a pirate!

Even the Kindergarten class get's involved, here is cousin Sari dressed as a mermaid.

How exciting....Luc won the first prize for the best dressed in pre Primary...(which really is a prize for me, seeing as I actually co ordinated his outfit!!)  He won a new book...yippee!

If you look closely you can see "Puss in Boots" as her class parades in front of the rest of the students!

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Grandpa. said...

Congratulations, Luke and well done, Sophie. A great day and fun for all.
Great pictures.