Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 months old

Another month older and cheekier is what they are saying......they being Mummy and Daddy. This month I have discovered the whole house and have been keeping myself busy exploring. I have been standing up a lot and think I am very clever especially standing in my cot....when I am supposed to be sleeping!

I've been feeling great, no sniffles, runny noses or bad coughs. My gums still get very sore and I still only have 2 teeth but that doesn't stop me polishing off the same meals as the rest of the family. I love spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs, chicken, salmon and vegetables for dinner....(not all in the same night of course) I like yogurt and fruit for lunch and for breakfast I have cereal, fruit and vegemite on toast........delicious!

Look at me in my photos.......just can't seem to find the sports section in the newspaper, so thought I would have another GOOD look. One of my favourite things to do is to pull all the books out of the bookshelves. Sophie always helps Mummy put them back.

My big news this month is that I have 2 new cousins, Cisco and Sari. I am now the older and wiser cousin and can't wait to hang out with them more. They are a bit boring at the moment, they just sleep all the time, something I am still not really all that good at!!!!!!!!

I'm not really into playing with toys..... I'd much rather find the nearest powerpoint, shoe, and we watch "The Wiggles" together. She is the best big sister still and halps look after me.

Hey who knows, maybe next month I'll be walking..........

Love Luc


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where's Luc???

Mummy and I spend a lot of the day chasing Luc around the house. Boy he sure can crawl fast. We are amazed at the distance he can cover in such a short time and the mischief he gets into.......it keeps us all very busy! He gets into the weirdest hiding places...like, my wardrobe or he goes to the bookshelf and pulls all the books out. He is a real adventurer.

But then when we find him he gives us the cheekiest smiles ..................so cute :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our new baby cousin

IT"S A GIRL...........Sari Rose has arrived. We get to go see her today and I just can't wait. I am so excited to have a new baby GIRL cousin. Sari weighed 6 pound 14.5 oz and is 48 cm of cuteness...(she is the EXACT same size baby Luc was........lets' hope the similarities stop there and she doesn't have Luc's sleep issues!!!!!) Congratulations to Aunty Emily and Uncle Carl and Jacky-boy. He is going to love being a big brother. AND...in other big news, my pet caterpillar had a baby as well this morning and it is also a girl, finally some girl babies around this place, not that I really mind, I love all babies really!!!!!

Be back soon with some photos of baby Sari.....................

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Landsdale Farm

Yesterday we went to a farm not far from our house. My friends Ella, Hudson, Olivia, Lara and Alice came too. It was great fun but a bit 'smelly" ...especially the pigs!!!
I fed a goat and a little horse.
We also saw a bull, cow, lots of hens and ducks and turkeys. Turkeys really aren't that pretty you know. They have funny looking necks and they make funny sounds too. Turkeys were not my favourite. I loved the little horse, it's not a pony but it is actually a little horse. It is so cute. We had a ride on the wagon.

We went and watched a man make 'damper'. It is made of only flour and water BUT it tastes really really yummy!!! It's kind of strange really because play dough is made from flour and water and that tastes very yucky. But damper is so yummy especially with honey all over it. The man made 'billy tea' as well and he swung the billy around and around and said it makes the tea taste so much better. 'Damper and Billy tea' is what the Australian Pioneers and Bushrangers use to eat a long long time ago when there were no shops or fridges or microwaves and they all lived in the bush and didn't even have houses. Mummy said they only had horses and there were no cars or roads. Mummy makes up funny stories sometimes, I mean, how can there not have been any microwaves??????

Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's been happening?

It's been a busy week....for Mummy that is!! Daddy had to go to the hospital to have an operation on his knee last week. He came home the same day but has had to rest his knee as it is very, very ,very, sore. It has a big bandage on it as well and he can only walk a little bit.

Luc and I have both been sick. I have had a very bad flu thing and a very high temperature. I felt very tired and didn't want to eat much for a long time. It took almost a week to get better and Luc has a bad cold and Mummy said he is really miserable because he is getting more teeth as well. Those teeth sure cause him lots of pain. He still only has 2 teeth but Mummy thinks he is going to get about 6 at once......let's hope soon so he can stop crying about them! :-)

Luckily I was well enough to go rollerskating last Friday with my friends. I loved it so much and we are going again this Friday. I am not really very good but that is Ok because I am only 4.5 and I need to practice a lot.

On Saturday night Grandpa came over to babysit. Nanny couldn't come because she is very sick with my flu. I think I might have shared my flu with her, sorry Nanny!! :-) Luc woke up ( because he always does!!!)and Grandpa brought him out to watch a bit of TV with him. Grandpa said he really liked the movie "Die Hard 2"!!!! Grandpa did a good job of babysitting and when Mummy and Daddy came home Luc and I were both asleep!!!!!
Yesterday I spent the day making houses around my sandpit for all my pet caterpillars. It was a beautiful sunny "winters" day and in the afternoon we went to visit my new cousin Cisco. He is such a cutey! Another new cousin is arriving this Wednesday as Aunty Emily is going to the hospital to get the baby out of her belly.......still not too sure how that happens! I will be back soon to tell you all about the new baby!

Love Sophie

Friday, July 13, 2007

My friend Harry

Here I am with Harry. I was just telling him how his blue shirt really brings out his blue eyes and he told me that orange is a great colour for me!
Here he is saying how much he likes my olive complexion ....makes him just feel like squeezing it!!!! Gentle now!

I have been hanging out lately with my little friend Harry. He is 12 days younger than me, so that makes me bigger...right???I really like Harry, he is so fun to be around and he has the cutest blue eyes I have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!! I can tell he likes me too, maybe he thinks I have the cutest brown eyes he has ever
seen?????? We have so much in common......we both love to chew on the same toys AND we both love milk AND we like crawling AND we eat the same food.....WOW, what a coincidence! (phew, big word for 9 months old!!) My big sister Sophie likes playing with Harry's big brothers Will and Ollie and all of them love helping our mummy's look after us.
It's going to be so fun growing up and playing with Harry.....our Mummy's were friends in school as well!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Baby Cisco

He is sooooooo cute!!! He made my little brother Luc not seem like a baby anymore....Luc is so much bigger now and it just seems like yesterday I was at the hospital meeting Luc for the first time. I have such an important job now helping to look after my little brother and 3 younger boy cousins.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's a boy!

A new cousin has arrived!!!! Aunty Jane and Ian had a new baby boy born on the 4th of July!!!! He arrived 10 days early....just like me!!!! Luc and I are VERY excited, me more than Luc because he is only still a baby and he has no idea what is going on but I am really excited as we are going to meet him today. His name is Cisco! Nanny and Grandpa say he is just gorgeous. He weighed 7 pound 11 oz and has dark hair. Aunty Emily and Uncle Carls' baby will be arriving on July 18th....wonder if that will be a boy as well!!!!! So many boys......oh well....I am still the oldest and I can still play dress ups with them and make them into fairies and princess's because they are younger and they won't care when they are little..........
Back soon with photos

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Beautiful Day

Last Thursday Mummy took Luc , Sasha and I to Carine. It is not far away from our house and it is a big big area that has a playground and a lot of bike paths and also HORSES!!!!! Yep, real horses. I rode my bike ALL the way around the whole area and Mummy walked with Luc in the pram and he started throwing his dummy out every few minutes or so.......so much so, that I had to ride behind them so I could also help to point out when he had done it so we didn't lose it..... Mummy and I kept laughing when he did it but then after about 25 times we got tired of stopping to pick it up.....not so funny after all!!!

It was a really, really long way and I rode for almost an hour!!!! That's a long time for my little legs! After we played at the playground and visited the horses,

I started to get grumpy.....very very grumpy! I didn't feel like riding my bike or walking it anymore and I felt tired. Poor mummy had to pull me and push Luc and hold Sasha, but it's OK, she is use to working hard after all she is a MUMMY!!!! It was a good day and beautiful and sunny even though it is winter right now.
Don't you think my bike looks so cute in the bike rack!!!! I love my groovy streamers that Memere and Pepere sent me!!!

Here is a picture of me getting really grumpy and not wanting to ride my bike any more.
Bye for now, Sophie