Sunday, October 12, 2003

It has been a very fun week so fun I have forgotten to write in my diary!!! It was very warm and sunny last week so Mummy took me on lots of very long walks. We walked along the beach path and Mummy said when Daddy gets home we are going to take me to the beach. I havent been there yet, but I have looked at it and it looks like it is going to be so much fun, all that white and blue. The white (sand) looks like it would be nice to eat!!! Sometimes I get bored in my pram and I want to walk but Mummy says I have to stay in the pram because she walks very fast! On Wednesday it was my best friend Ella's birthday and she was one!!!! Mummy and I went to visit her and give her a present. I picked out a really nice book on sssh (fish) and Mummy picked out some very pretty clothes. She is going to look cute....just like me!! Ella was so nice as she let me play with the wrapping paper and empty boxes once she had opened her present, that is why she is my best friend!!! After we played in the backyard with all the balls and I liked to wheel Ella's new dolls pram around. Yesterday was her party and lots of kids were there for me to play with. I liked sitting at the little table and chairs and eating!!! I had some fairy bread, watermelon, pineapple, sausage roll and a chocolate crackle. I got cocoa all over my face and it was delicious. I even had a little taste of birthday cake and that was the yummiest thing I have ever eaten!!! When we came home I had a little sleep and then we went to Uncle John and Aunty Valeries house as it was also Johns Birthday. I had a good time exploring and playing but then I became very tired so we went home so I could go to sleep as it was a very big day for a little girl like me.
Guess what else, Mummy said Daddy is coming home in 3 more sleeps and we are going to pick him up at the airport. I am so excited I think I am going to run to him when I see him.
Bye for now,

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