Sunday, October 05, 2003

I have been such a busy girl lately. On Saturday I went to Fremantle to meet Shelley and Zac and had a great time playing in the big park and also shopping a little with Mummy. I sat in my pram and watched all the colourful people walk old lady told Mummy I was a beautiful baby and Mummy said to me that was a very nice thing to say. So I played and played and played and ran after the seagulls...kind of for me anyway!! On the way home, I was asleep before Mummy even started the car to drive away!!!! Yesterday was the birthday party with all my friends who have a birthday near me. Mummy made a big yellow cake in the shape of a number one and it was very yummy! I got a jigsaw puzzle and some beach toys but was far more interested in the wrapping paper!!! I had some fairy bread and some fruit and played with my friends. When we came home I had a big sleep because I was so tired and then when I woke up we went to another party in a big green park called KIngs Park. I liked to walk everywhere and talk to all the people at the party. I found a big red ball and I would kick it along and chase after it with some other kids and then I would pick it up and run away with it. Mummy had to kep running after me because I am very fast now. I wish my Daddy was there as well becaus ehe would have been able to run faster than Mummy!!!
This morning on the TV I saw someone playing a guitar and I walked over to the TV and Said "DA DA", and then I looked at Mummy and said "da da???) Mummy said it wasn't Daddy but I thought it was because he was playing a guitar and it sounded like when Daddy plays his. Mummmy said I am very clever to think of Daddy when I hear a guitar. I hope he comes home soon.
Love Sophie

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