Sunday, September 14, 2003

Well, it has been a very long time since I wrote in my diary. To all my avid readers I am very sorry, but I have been such a busy girl!!! Firstly, I went on holiday with Mummy and Daddy and it was great fun. I even liked the long drive in the car and didn't complain was a bit different on the way home and I let Mummy and daddy know I was not happy abpout sitting in my car seat with lots of yelling and crying!!!! In Pemberton, Daddy worked in the daytimes so Mummy took me on very long walks into the forest and sometimes into the town. I saw lots of pretty coloured birds and lots and lots and lots of trees!!!! Then we would have lunch with Daddy and then after lunch Mummy would play with me and we would go on another big long walk....usually it was the same walk as we did in the moning time as Mummy said we had to look for the socks that I kept losing by throwing them out of my pram. In one week I lost 3 pairs of socks...just one sock from each set!!! Mummmy said next time she will put odd socks on me and then when I lose one at least I will have a Mummy is very clever sometimes!!!

It was nice when we got home to our house and I really liked to see my bedroom again. Last Sunday was Fathers Day and I bought Daddy a jean jacket and he said I have such good taste for a little baby!!! I even picked a nice card as well...that was easy as Mummy just held me in front of all the cards and whichever one I picked first she bought. I am a very good shopper!!!

Anyway, I've been saving my best news for last.....I can WALK!!!!!! I just stood up on my own and I was off. I know I have been able to take a few steps for a while but now when I fall over I just get back up again and keep on walking. I am so clever!! I showed all my friends how to do it as well and even they thought I was clever. Oh yeah, and I also now have 6 teeth!!!!! Well, I will write more tomorrow.
Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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