Thursday, February 02, 2006

Out of the mouth of Sophie......

A classic Sophie moment whilst doing the grocery shopping and going up and down the aisles .......

Sophie: Mummy, what are you saying???
Mummy: (quitely mumbling under her breath items we needed to buy....salt, sugar, milk..etc)
Mummy: Oh, I'm not saying anything
Sophie: Yes, you are, I can hear you, what are you saying
Mummy: Oh, I really am not saying anything, I am just thinking to myself
Sophie: Well, can you please think louder so I can hear you!!!!!!

The whole aisle of shoppers including Mummy laughed out loud yet Sophie had no idea what was so funny!!!!

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Swiss Family Donaldson said...

Ana: Papa, I want Denis to be my Papa!

Papa: Aw c'mon Ana, what's wrong with me?

Ana: Denis is funnier, calls me sweetheart and plays guitar