Sunday, January 22, 2006

I'm Baaaack!!!

Had a great time on Rottnest Island. We went to 2 beaches everyday, did lots and lots of swimming and running on the beach and sqeeling with Ana and Samuel. We made big huge sandcastles and big holes that we filled in with water. We also tried to bury Mummy in the sand but we only really ever got her legs covered!! We stayed in a little house with a balcony and we got to see quokkas at night. Daddy was called "the sunscreen policeman" because he made sure all of us kids were creamed up before we even stepped onto a beach!!! I liked riding on the back of Daddy's bike because he can go really fast. Here are some pictures from our trip and I will be back later with more to tell you all....
Love Sophie

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Janey said...

Hi Sophie,
Your pics are very cute.

I jsut got back from Rotto!
See you soon,
Love Aunty Jane xxx

Rrottnest were asking "where's sophie?"