Saturday, January 07, 2006

Swiss friends

I have been so busy. Mummy and Daddy's friends arrived from Switzerland with 2 kids for me to play with. They are staying at our house and it is so much fun having Ana and Samuel to play with all day. We have been to the beach a lot of times with them and today we went to Kings Park and played in the playground. We also took them to see kangaroos because you dont get kangaroos in Switzerland!!! I am not sure why?? At first I didn't want Ana to play with my babies. I was very protective of my toys (that's how I see it, but Mummy and Daddy say it is called "not sharing nicely"!!!) but now I am Ok with Ana playing with my special baby and I guess that means I am getting better at "sharing"!
Here are some pictures so far....... at the beach, and Mummy and Daddy and I at Kings Park, Perth.
Love Sophie

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