Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

It is a new year, so Mummy and daddy keep telling me! We even had a party at our house to celebrate the end of the old year and it was lots of fun. My friends came and so did Mummy and Daddy's friends. Isn't it just so lucky that Mummy and Daddy's friends happen to be the Mummy's and daddy's of my friends....... Poor Will couldn't come because he had the chickenpox. Mummy said he got them for Christmas. Poor Will. I'm not really sure what chicken pox is but it can make you very sick and you get red dots all over your whole body and I think it was very unfair of Santa to give him chicken pox when you are supposed to get toys and treats!!!! I stayed up till 11pm at the party, the latest I have ever stayed up in my whole life and boy did Mummy and daddy pay for it the next day. I was , let's just say, a little bit tired and grumpy. We went swimming at the beach and that helped and then after lunch we all had a big sleep (apart from Mummy, who always seems to have some sort of cleaning to do!!!)
Ok, here are some of my new years resolutions:(heard Mummy and her friends talking about these which made me think of some for me!!)
1. Try to eat more chocolate, lollies and all the stuff I am not allowed much of!!!
2. Go to the park every single day
3. Stay up to 11pm more often (was so much fun at the time)
4. Go to the beach everyday and make a sandcastle every time!!!
5. Be nicer to Sasha (it's not her fault she's only a dog!!!)
6. Boss Daddy around even more (I think he secretly likes it!)
7. Learn to be neater and put my toys away so Mummy doesn't have to clean ALL day!!
8. Dont favour only 1 toy and leave the others out. Make sure they all get a turn at being my favourite.
9. Remember more often, that Santa only comes if you have been very very good all year (remember Will and the chickenpox!!)
10. Laugh more (is it even possible to laugh more than I already do!!!!!) Heard this one on the news todayas being popular and it sounded good to me to!
That's all for now,
Lots of love Sophie


Ghalia said...

Happy New Year. Nice blog here.

Yazan said...

Happy new year,

U should be nicer to Sasha, dogs are our best friends!! ;)