Thursday, February 16, 2006

I went camping!!

Last Friday I went camping with daddy , Mummy and our friend Dan. We went to Moore River. I had never been there before and it wasn't too far away from our house....(only an hour north, mummy said!) There was a river and an ocean there. I liked swimming in the river more than the ocean because the waves in the ocean were SOOOOO big. Bigger than our house, (OK, maybe not that big!) When we got there Daddy and Dan put up the tent, then I went in and played for a little while and read some stories to my baby. Then Mummy and I walked to the beach but that's when we discovered the huge huge waves, so we went to the river and also went back to the campground , first stopping at the playground. I loved it.

It was so much fun. At night time it was fun reading more stories in the tent and then in the morning lots and lots of funny crows were making very funny sounds. I thought it was so funny and I kept asking Mummy if she could hear it as well but Mummy just kept telling me to go back to sleep because it was very very early. In the end Mummy and I got up and went for a walk to the river and to the playground....(even though Mummy said it was only 5.30am in the morning!!!) No wonder I slept all the way home in the car!!!!!

Love Sophie

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Swiss Family Donaldson said...

Yikes - 5:30, eh? Reminder: kids are up with the birds, sun, rain, thunder, flies, or pretty much anything else that makes noise or light when sleeping in a tent :)