Sunday, February 05, 2006

My week

I have had a busy week. Mummy had to work 3 days this week so on Tuesday I went to stay at my friend Ella's house so her Mummy Jo could look after me. Jo took us to a playcentre called "Go Banana's". It was mostly fun but sometimes I got a little bit sad for my own mummy. When we got home to Ella's house we had lots of fun playing with all her toys and babies and we also did drawings. Ella told her Mummy that we are going to get married because we love each other!!!!! Jo just laughed and said, maybe wait to see how you feel when you are older!!!!! Ella's babies are all called Ana after my friend Ana that came to stay with us. When Mummy came to pick me up I said I wanted Ana (real Ana) to come over to my house for a sleep over but Mummy said she has gone back home on the plane with Samuel and Alex and Scott and it is very far away. As far as Canada I asked????? Mummy said it is just as far! OHHHHHH :-(

On Wednesday I went to Julies house with Ella and Will and Oliver. I love going to Julies. We play dress ups and train sets and of course babies!!!! Then we play outside in the sandpit and on the play equipment.

On Thursday I go to Nanny and Grandpa's house. They took me to the beach, my favourite beach with the playground and where the waves are not too big. I think I impressed them with how well I can swim now and how deep I can go! In the afternoon we had a tea party in their backyard.
On Friday, Mummy took me to the movies!!!!! I saw "Chicken Little" and had a box of popcorn. It was so much fun and I laughed out loud. My baby came too and she liked it also.

On Saturday, Mummy, Daddy, Sasha and I went to a special beach where you can take dogs. Sasha was very happy that she got to come too. There were lots of other dogs there as well but they were all nice and friendly and liked to come up and sniff me. Sasha liked to sniff a lot as well and it makes me laugh when she sniffs other dogs bottoms!! I swam way out in the water and there were some nice waves and I swam over them. Sasha just liked to chase the ball over and over again. After the beach Sasha had a bath to make her smell nice.

On Sunday I went to church with Nanny and Grandpa. I hadn't been to church for such a long time and it was good to go back and say hello to all my friends there and sing all the songs at the top of my voice........(no one is louder than Grandpa though!!!!!)

Now that brings me to today. Today is Monday morning and soon I will be going to "Buzy Kidz". It is like a school for 3 year olds just like me. It is every Monday for 4 whole hours!!!!!I am very excited as Mummy and Daddy have been talking about how great it is going to be all week (which makes me a little bit curious!!!!) I have a new lunch box that Daddy bought me and I love it so much that I have actually slept with it in my bed the last 2 nights. Of course, it didn't have any lunch in it at the time!! So soon I will be meeting my new teachers and lots of new friends. I am a little bit scared but I won't cry because I know that Mummy is going to come and pick me up when it is all finished.
Ok, so back later to tell you all about it!
Love Sophie

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Swiss Family Donaldson said...

Hope Buzy Kidz was fun! Ana asked today (like she does every few days at least) if we can move to Australia. We told her we will try to visit again someday soon (a few years?)....