Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Buzy Kidz

I had a great time at "Buzy Kidz". It was so much fun. At first I was a little nervous because we were there early and we had to line up outside the doors and there were lots of kids and Mummies (and a few daddies). Then the doors opened and we all went inside. One of my teachers straight away asked me my name and I said (quite loudly) "My name is Sophie"!!! (Mummy was slightly shocked by this as I am normally very very shy to strangers....and sometimes even shy to people I know!!) My teacher said, "You are our only Sophie, there are no other little girls here today called Sophie". Wow, I gave her a huge smile because then I felt special! She said there were 3 Jordans and I said, I know one Jordan too!!!! After that I handed over my fruit and my cheese and vegemite sandwich wrapped nicely in a brown paper bag and in my special new lunchbox because my teacher was going to give it back at lunchtime.

Then Mummy gave me a kiss and a cuddle and I was left to play with everything. A teacher called Helen came over to show me all the playdough things, then I went and played in a cubby house, then played with the dolls. Then we had to all sit on a mat and the teacher said she was very happy to see us all and that "Buzy Kidz" is all about having lots of fun!!! Wow, I thought, I sure am going to love it here!! We did singing, then painting and I made a butterfly, then we played outside in the sandpit.

Before I knew it, it was lunchtime, then storytime and then Mummy came back to get me. I did have a very good time but I told Mummy that I did feel a little bit sad for her when I thought about her and that I wished she could come to Buzy Kidz too........(but that was just to make her feel OK and not be sad that I didn't really think of her much!!!!).

So, yes, I will be happy to go back next week. Maybe soon I will know the names of the friends I have made because right now I don't know their names .........but I know none of them are called Sophie.......only ME.

Bye Bye
Love Sophie

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