Thursday, November 25, 2004

I have to tell you about my swimming lesson today. Let's just say I am 1/4 fish and 1/4 mermaid (that's because Mummy say's I am too pretty to be all fish and mermaids can be very beautiful!!!), anyway, I am becoming a champion swimmer and it is only my 4th lesson!!!!! Look out here I come. I am sure my instructor will tell Mummy next week that I am good enough for the olympics but maybe not the ones in 4 years as I may still be a bit little for those ones. It was so much fun and I just love to jump off the side of the pool.

Mummy is supposed to catch me but it is even funner (is that a word??) if she doesn't catch me and I go way under the water and then she picks me up and throws me in the air and I say..."More, More, More, More" and all the spectators sitting in the grandstands cheer and chant my name loudly and laugh at me as because not only am I a fantastic swimmer I am also so very funny(see, grandstands just like an Olympic pool and yes, slightly eggagerated as no one knows my name, although I am sure they would chant it if they knew it!!!)

Another great thing about swimming lessons is also the treat I am promised afterwards. Daddy started this new thing last week called, "Be a good girl and you might get a treat" and sure enough that's all I have to do, just be good and I mean how easy is that as I am usually so well behaved (snicker!). So Daddy told Mummy about the after swimming "treat" and now Mummy is in on it as well. Although, today as I was happily licking my multi coloured ice cream cone and thinking about how great my life is whilst walking back to our car my ice cream dropped and the cone broke in half. How can life be so good and then turn so bad in an instant. I looked at Mummy with a completely devasted look on my face and do you know what she said.........wait for it........she said "Never Mind"..... I was so confused, here I am devastated and she says "Never Mind, we will pick it up and put it in the bin". Oh my goodness, it get's worse, my treat is going to go in the bin. Sometimes I really think Mummy forgets what it was like to be 2 years old and drop your ice cream on the ground, maybe Mummy never was 2, maybe she was always old like a mummy. Maybe she doesn't know how yummy ice cream is because come to think of it, she never get's one with me. So then, we get home and she offers me lunch instead. Somebody please explain to her that lunch can never replace "treats"!!!! Just wait till I tell Daddy!
Bye Bye,
Love Sophie

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