Friday, November 05, 2004

Well, lot's has been happening. Daddy came home from working away and he came home on a big plane!!! Then, after Mummy and I picked up Daddy we went to another airport and picked up Mummy and Daddy's friends, Dan and Maryse. They are really nice and I like to play with them a lot. They are from Canada, really close to where Memere and Pepere, Ginette, John, Justine and all my other Canadian relatives are....... it is fun to have so many people in the house again and I just love the attention!!!!
So, this week, it was also Melbourne Cup day, which is a HUGE big horse race in Australia and it is a really big deal...not sure why, it just is!!! Anyway, Mummy and I went to Ella and Jo's house for a Melbourne Cup day party and we had yummy food and then we watched the race on the TV and guess what......the horse Mummy drew came first and we (I mean she!!!) won $28.00....she was very excited as it is the third year in a row she has won the sweep. So, I am not really sure why it all means so much anad why such a big deal, but as you know, I have come to realise that adults...(especially Mummy's and Daddy's get very excited about the weirdest things!!)
Dan, Maryse, Mummy and Daddy and I are going to be going on a holiday to Denmark which is a 4.5 hour drive south of our house. It I going to be great fun. We are leaving on Sunday.
I will tell you more tommorow.
Love Sophie

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